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Aviation Insurance

Non Ownership Aircraft Liability Coverage

Who really needs Non Ownership Aircraft Liability Protection?
1.   A Person or Organization that charters an aircraft (pilot furnished by the aircraft owner) 
2.   A student pilot taking instruction in someone else's aircraft.
3.   A pilot who borrows an aircraft, from a friend.
4.   Someone who is ferrying or delivering an aircraft for someone else.
5.   An independent professional contract pilot operating an owner's aircraft.

Basics of Aviation Insurance

     When owning and flying an airplane there are unavoidable risks involving the theft of or damage to the airplane itself.  There is the risk of causing damage to property of others which may consist of homes, businesses, crops, automobiles, other aircraft, etc.  There is also risk of causing bodily injury or fatalities to persons as a result of the movement or operation of the airplane.  There is the risk of injury or death to passengers, and then, of course, the risk to ourselves.

Aviation Insurance

How many of you that carry aviation insurance truly know that you are getting the best deal?  It is about price but also about so much more.... 100% satisfaction from the service you receive from your agent/agency,  broad policy coverage, excellent claims service,  having a relationship with your agent and not being just another number or just another customer.  We would really like the opportunity to build a relationship with you.