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We work differently than other companies - our general aviation insurance programs are structured to your requirements.  This kind of client-centered focus requires experienced people who understand the level of knowledge and expertise needed to properly design and manage general aviation accounts.  From the minute you become one of our insureds, we make a 24/7 commitment to ensuring you have the financial protection, security and services to operate confidently and pursue your business or personal goals.  We work really hard to find the best rate on your aviation insurance.
Aircraft - Cirrus- We have the best Pleasure and Business rates!!!
  • Experimental / Warbirds
  • Pleasure and Business Aircraft
  • Vintage Aircraft Insurance
  • Aviation General Liability (including Airport Liability)
  • Aircraft Products Liability
  • Industrial Aid/Corporate Aviation
  • Flying Clubs/Special Use Aircraft
  • Agriculture Aviation
  • Transition Pilots
  • Personal Non-Owned Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing
  • Helicopters
  • Repair & Service/ Airport & Aircraft Service Providers/ Worker's Compensation
Our Claims Department
At Insurance4Pilots we work to restore your business operation or personal aircraft as quickly as possible. We offer guidance on mitigating the loss, expediting repairs, and getting your aircraft back in the air.  Insurance4Pilots, LLC has a 24/7 claims number 336-392-6555 available to our customers or you may email us at
Diamond DA40- Check out our Flight School rates!!
Did you know???
You are able to receive discounts on your pleasure/business aviation insurance for the following:
  • IFR Approved GPS/ Moving Map Display
  • Terrain Awareness
  • Traffic Avoidance
  • Weather Avoidance
  • WX Monitoring
  • Inflatable Restraints
  • Parachute    
  • Enhanced Vision System
  • Discounts available for Recurrent Training/Pilot Proficiency        
Association and Training Discounts are available on your aviation insurance.  Has your agent made you aware of these???